May 5, 2016

3rd Grade Dash Robot Polygon Party at Marshall Lane

As part of their geometry unit, the 3rd graders at Marshall Lane Elementary School have been learning about polygons and angles. Teacher, Meghan Snelham, incorporated the Dash robots by having her students create giant polygons on the floor using blue painters tape.

In teams of 2 - 3 students, students drew a model of a polygon, labeled each side, calculated the perimeter, and came up with at least four facts about it.

They then used painters tape, rulers, and protractors to create their polygon on the classroom floor.

Students then began programming the Dash robots to travel along the perimeter of their shape and to say a fact at each corner. It was really interesting to see them problem solve with their partners how to measure the angles that they had created, in order to be able to program Dash to turn that many degrees to the left or right. Students also had to measure the polygon sides accurately so that Dash could travel along each side. 

Students also programmed voice recordings so that Dash could teach other students about their polygon. Some students even composed songs and had Dash sing them!
Finally, groups presented in front of the class and we video-taped each performance. We have learned that having a final video recording has worked really well, since our schools share Dash with multiple classrooms. It lets the students have a final copy of their project to share with their parents, and there are no hurt feelings when other classes use Dash and record over their work. Awesome work Ms. Snelham and Marshall Lane students!

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