May 25, 2016

3rd Grade Dash Robot Life Cycle Exhibition Projects

At Sherman Oaks Elementary School, all students in grades TK - 6 prepare an exhibition project to present to the community at the end of the school year. I was thrilled when 3rd grade teacher, Vanessa Diaz, reached out to me about planning their exhibition project around the 3rd NGSS standard of Life Cycles and incorporating programming with the Dash Robots. 
In groups, students researched a plant or animal and the different stages in its life cycle. Each student was then responsible for typing a paragraph about a particular stage in the life cycle in Spanish or English (since Sherman Oaks is a Spanish immersion school).
Students then worked with their teams to create a poster to organize the stages of their life cycle. We asked them to map out at least six different stopping points for Dash to stop and teach others about that particular stage. 
When programming, we also challenged students to have Dash always facing the audience when he is saying something. This proved to be quite a challenge as students had to calculate the extra degrees required to have Dash continue turning after arriving at a specific destination.
The 3rd graders can't wait to share their Life Cycle Dash Robot Projects with the entire school community at Exhibition Night later this week!
You can view the full lesson plan for this STEAM Project by Clicking Here. This lesson and others are also available on our Campbell USD STEAM Resource Website by clicking on the Dash Robot Button:


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